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Protecting your investment
The most significant factor to the longevity of your Saab is proper care and maintenance. In the warranty and service records book that accompanies your owner's manual, Saab describes the recommended maintenance schedule. If you do not have this book contact our parts department.

Frequency of service
Through the years the increased technology has led to cleaner emissions, higher performance and allowed longer oil change intervals. This has however made using the right products at the appropriate time even more important to guarantee the service life of the engine and thus the performance.
Some factors like extensive idling, stop-and-go driving and repeated short trips without sufficient warm up time, require more frequent oil changes.

Type of oil
Since April 2000 Saab has been using synthetic blend 5W-30 as factory fill. You can now purchase this oil from us directly. In our shop we use it exclusively since it is far cheaper than most any name brand oil. Saab Cars also requires its use on all warranty repairs and prepaid maintenance. They also strongly recommend against any additional oil additives.

More than just oil changes
There is more to servicing your Saab than just oil changes. Every 10K miles you should have an oil change / inspection which involves rotating the tires and a comprehensive check of the entire vehicle the intent here is to catch any problems before they cause major problems. At 30K intervals you need a "major service" this involves a brake fluid change, checking everything, cabin filter, air and oil filters, change trans fluid etcetera. Contact us for the details of you particular model since they do vary.

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