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Trionic 7

With the Upgraded ECU for the Trionic 7 there are basically two possible methods for the upgrade. Now lets discuss each of the methods in more detail.

LOCAL, By far the easiest upgrade method is for us to program your car in our workshop. This allows our experienced technicians to install the rest of the parts and ensure the job is done perfectly. Depending on the schedule we can even throw it on the Superflow Chassis Dyno before and after to confirm the performance.


Plug and Play, Just as the title implies this involves sending a replacement unit that will run WITHOUT the need to be "married" to your alarm. By collecting the connector number from your original box we can simply make a duplicate that will run the car without any help from your dealer making it truly a Do-It-Yourself Job.


Mailed in T7 Computers are programmed in our workshop with Same day or Next day turn around. Send the Ecu for and call before shipping. T7 is used on 9-5 all models 98-09 and 9-3 00-02 including -03 vert and -99 viggen.

Trionic 5

For the Trionic 5 Modules the method is now the same for most tunes. We do them in our workshop or Send a replacement box. They are simply plug and play. The refundable core charge is an additional $200 for the t5, it is credited back when your original box is returned to us in working condition within 1 week. Contact us for more details.


T5 is used on the 9000 94-98 and the NG 900 94-98 and the 99 9-3 (not Viggen it is t7)



For required parts to support the tune see the individual package detail pages in the catalog.


The original ecu must be returned promptly! There will be an additional core charge of $200 added to the ecu refunded when your original arrives back here within one week. There is no need to keep your original. We keep copies of the original cores sent back and if there was ever a need for a stock computer we could quickly make one for you. Keeping cores just raises the core charge by depleting the core inventory. Core is not for keeps, it is EXCHANGE. Only loan.


As with anything there are many different ways to do it and we can accommodate just about all of them. If you have any questions just give us a call or send an email.


Past stage3 ?? Yes we have custom off the shelf hardware for your package.HOT turbo on a NG900 yes, 2.3ltr Ng 900 T5 car certainly, E85 fuel T5 or T7 yes. Only the most common packages are listed on the site to keep it simple. Just send us an email with the car details and we can sort a special software package to suit.

For most applications we offer in house custom tuning in a controlled environment on our superflow chassis dyno.


Trionic T5

Trionic T7

Trionic T8

Hp Tuners GM and V6 Local only


--How to find the box...

9-5 ECU Pull .pdf

9-3 900 ECU .gallery

9-3 SS/SC T8 .pdf


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