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This form is to accompany an order through our web site.The catalog pages have power details. We can substitute some parts if you already have them from the packages but all the hardware must match what the ecu is programmed for! If you have hardware that does not match the stage it will be a custom tune. Don't press enter or it will send the form...

Upgrade Method
  Any questions just call
  Required! At the base of the windshield.
Connector Number
  Located on box electrical connector for t7 only Notice difference between 1 or l, O or 0 etc.. ?WHAT IS THIS click for image? Exactly 15 characters!
Original ECU Part Number
Model Year
Original Horsepower
Traction Control
Fuel Quality

Program Stage

  Stage must be correct for hardware installed on vehicle. Not all stages are for all variants.

Fuel Press

Email Address
Additional info. Include installed engine modifications.

All Fields must be completed
  Submitting this form signifies your agreement to our upgrade terms.
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