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1 x Head Bolt Washers
1 x BSR Optiflow Replacement Filter V6 2.8
2 x Front Camber Adjustment Bolts
1 x BSR 9-5 260Hp 2006-
1 x Downpipe 2.8T XWD (4wd)
1 x Midpipe 2.8T FWD (2wd)
1 x Cat Back Exh Dual Exit for 9-3 SS/SC 2.8t
1 x Forge Turbo Bypass Valve 9-3SS 2.0T 210hp
2 x Oil Cap 9-3SS V6 "Ghost"
1 x Forge Turbo Bypass Valve 9-3SS 2.0t 175hp
1 x 9-3SS Wheel 5-Spoke Low Split 17 in.
1 x 9-3/NG900 Shift Knobs Leather
1 x 9-5 Rear Brake rotor See Description
2 x Floormats BSR 9-3SS/SC
2 x Exhaust manifold Stud Kit
1 x 9-5 Textile Mats 98-07
2 x T7 Injector Spacer Kit
1 x "Griffin" Valve stem caps
1 x K&N Filter Service Kit
1 x SportSedan Grille
1 x Optical Cable Connector (Onstar Delete)
1 x Shifter Mount Kit 93ss
1 x Rear Pedestal Spoiler 9-3 SS
1 x V6 Tank Float - SparePart
1 x Torque Mount Insert V6 Manual (XWD and FWD)
1 x Hood Emblem 9-3 SS/sc 03- All
1 x Brake Vac pump seals
1 x ShortShift Kit 93ss
1 x Ignition Coil 9-3SS 2.0t and 2.0T
1 x B207 Upper Radiator Coolant T
1 x Ignition Coil 9-3SS 2.8t and 2.8T
1 x 3pt Subframe Brace for 9-3 SS 2003-> 2wd
1 x Replacement filter V6 GS Carbon Intake
1 x Sparkplugs 9-3SS
1 x Headlight Connector Repair Kit 9-3SS 9-5
1 x 9-3 ng900 Hood Protection Strip
1 x 9-3, 9-5 Front Brake Rotor / Disk (Code: AD)
2 x 9-5 Shift Knobs Leather
2 x 9-3 SScombi Cargo mat
2 x 9-5 Black Rubber Floor Mats
2 x 9-3 SS Aux Input for MP3 Player
1 x Metal Steering Wheel Buttons
2 x 9-5 Intercooler ETS
2 x 9-5 Cargo Track Bolts 06-09
1 x 9-5 AERO 308mm Front Brake Rotor / Disk
2 x Adaptor Harness Handsfree 01-
2 x 9-5 Rear Spoiler 5D
1 x Viggen Fog Air Intake
1 x PPC 3 Volvo Diagnostic System
1 x Open Air Intake 9-3 00-02 and Viggen (All T7)
1 x BSR Optiflow Intake Volvo S60 I T5 2001-2004
1 x Viggen Titanium KeyChain
1 x c900 Performance Brake lines
2 x Clear Little Fender Blinkers Factory Saab
1 x 9-5 Rear Brake rotor VENTED 300mm See Desc
1 x Short Shifter HHR Cobalt F35 F40
1 x Cobalt SS/TC Rear Sport Rotors Pair
1 x BSR PPC 9-3 SS/SC 2.0T 210hp 2007-->
1 x Catback 2.5in Exh 9-3 99-02 Wide Oval Tip (NOT VIG)
1 x 9-3 / 900 Uprated Front ARB Bushings
1 x Fog light Replacement Panels 99-01
1 x 9-5 Exhaust Flex Pipe Stainless
1 x 9-5 Open Air Prefilter
1 x 9-5 Blend Flap Repair 99-04
1 x Mass Airflow Meter T7
1 x Shift Rod Bushings
1 x Cigarette Lighter
1 x Filter 9-5 Cabin Air
1 x 5d Rear Window repair kit 94-02 900/9-3/9-5
1 x Cobalt SS/TC 315mm Sport Rotors Pair
1 x Slave Cyl
1 x Transmission Nut F35 F25
1 x Shifter Alignment Pins (Set 2)
1 x T7 3.5 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator
1 x Sport Transmission Mount 9-5 (Manual) 1998-1999
1 x Oil Cap 9-3SS V6 "Griffin"
1 x Oil Pressure Switch
1 x Headbolts (New Style)