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Date: 06/02/00

To: All Saab Dealers
Saab Service Manager
Saab Parts Manager

From: Abe Buchbinder

Code: 471

Reference: Hard clutch engagement first time in a.m. - 1994-98 900 and all 9-3 models with manual transmission

A customer may notice when releasing the clutch for the first time in the morning that the clutch pedal comes up further than normal. Then they feel a "bang" into gear. After the first engagement, the clutch works fine. This usually happens after the car has been driven a long distance, then parked overnight with the shifter in Reverse. This can be caused by the 3rd-4th synchromesh rings sticking. See the improved parts below.

Note: This will only affect some 900 or 9-3 models, and will not affect the durability of the transmission.
Note: on 9-3 models install the complete kit p/n 54 40 516 per the tsb dated 03/16/01
Part Number Description Qty.

51 60 296 3rd-4th synchromesh rings 2
87 49 749 3rd-4th shift fork 1

Thank you for your attention.

Abe Buchbinder
Director, Service & Parts
Saab Cars USA, Inc.

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