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From Saab Cars:
Bulletin Nbr: 471-1742
Date:........... JULY 1997
Cars affected
All Saab 900 3-/5-d M94- and Cabriolet M95- with manual gearbox


A new gearbox oil has been introduced due to design changes and reduced face area, which puts higher demands on an oil’s temperature resistance.

The new oil has several advantages, such as:
• it withstands temperatures >150°C (302°F)
• it increases bearing service-life
• it counteracts surface damage to gear flanks
• gear-shifting is perceived as smoother, especially in cold weather
• it can be used to advantage in older gearboxes

The oil has been introduced in production from chassis no. V2033279- (3-/5-d) and V7008692- (Cabriolet without turbo) respectively, and V7008812- (Cabriolet with turbo), but it can be used to advantage when reconditioning or repairing gearboxes. In such cases, it is important to read the instructions under the heading “Procedure”.

The filler plug on gearboxes from the factory that contain the new oil are marked with the text:



The new oil must not be mixed with other types of oil but there is no problem changing to this oil in an old gearbox as long as the instructions found under the heading “Procedure” are followed.

Parts required

87 48 733 Gearbox oil msrp $14.00
47 76 266 Filler plug msrp $6.50


1. Drain the oil from the gearbox by unscrewing the drain plug (3).
2. Fill with 1.0 litre (1.05 quarts) of the new oil (plug 1) and run the car so that the oil flows thoroughly through the system.
3. Drain the gearbox (plug 3).
4. Fill the gearbox with new oil to the correct level (1.8 litres; 1.9 quarts). Check with the level plug (2).
After this procedure, the oil does not need changing.
5. Fit a new filler plug (1).
6. There are two labels on the neck of the oil carton that must be affixed to separate places as a reminder of the type of oil in the gearbox.
7. Clean the area around the radiator crossmember by the left-hand headlamp, remove the label with the warning triangle and affix it to the radiator crossmember.
8. Remove the small label and affix it over the existing text on gearbox oil in the owner’s manual under the section “Technical data”.