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Date: 05/25/00

To: All Saab Dealers
Saab Service Manager
Saab Parts Manager

From: Abe Buchbinder

Code: 473

Reference: Addressing final drive flange seal oil leak - All 1994-99 models, except 1994 900 CV

Technicians may encounter oil leaks at the final drive flange seal of the transmission and have difficulty repairing the problem. The problem is most likely caused by the seal. An updated seal is available, but, it may appear to the technician that the problem is being caused by the stub axle support bushing inside the transmission. The following information should be used to correctly identify the source of the leak:

To prevent the axle from binding inside the transmission, there is a required amount of clearance between the stub axle and the support bushing that can attribute to radial movement in the stub axle. The technician needs to take a measurement of this movement to determine if it's excessive before proceeding with the repair.

The measurement should be taken with the tip of the dial indicator on the stub axle where the CV boot starts. The dial indicator should be mounted to the transmission to prevent it from moving. With the stub axle moving up and down, the measurement should not exceed 0.8mm. If it does, it will be necessary to replace the differential.*

If the measurement is less than 0.8mm, then the problem is with the seal. A new seal P.N. 87 49 046 should be installed. Once the seal is renewed, the axle must be installed with special tool 83 95 162 to prevent damage to the new seal. Consult PSI 09/96-0711 (Sec. 1, Pg. 57) for proper usage instructions for this tool.

*The bushing is available as a spare part and could likely be installed by a machine shop. Based on the difficulties involved with replacing the bushing at the dealer level, Sweden will not release a tool.

Thank you for your attention.

Abe Buchbinder
Director, Service & Parts
Saab Cars USA, Inc.

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