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Parts and Accessories Reference Library

Date: 09/20/01

To: All Saab Dealers
Saab Service Manager
Saab Parts Manager

From: Rich Miller

Code: 772

Reference: Replacing original equipment tires on Viggen models

When replacing the original equipment tires on Viggen models, we only recommend using either the Dunlop SP 2000 or the Pirelli P-6000 in size 215/45 R17.

These tires were chosen because they meet or exceed the sidewall strength required for a car wit the front wheel drive performance of the Viggen. The use of tires other those those specified may lead to performance or handling characteristics that fall short of the factory specification and therefore, cannot be recommended.

We recommend changing at least both tires on the same axle and all four tires when you are changing brand and model. If snow tires are installed, the same tires must be installed on all four wheels.

Thank you for your attention.

Rich Miller
Technical Services Quality