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DATE: January 15, 2003

TO: All Saab Dealers
Dealer Principal
Saab Service Manager
Saab Parts Manager
Saab Sales Manager

FROM: Abe Buchbinder

RE: Possible Safety Defect 1999-2003 9-5 Models, SER-03-001

A press release will be issued January 17, 2003 by Saab Automobile covering the following information.

Saab Automobile has determined that a safety defect may exist in 1999-2003 model year 9-5 models. Saab has found that in cases in which a customer changes back and forth between alloy and steel wheels (as in winter tires), rust and other contaminants may build up on the mating surface of the wheel hub. If the surface is not cleaned between wheel changes, reduced clamping forces may result, which over several seasons may cause wheel bolts to fatigue and possibly break. Although Saab Cars USA does not offer for sale steel wheels for the 9-5 model, there are steel wheels available from Saab and the aftermarket that could be used by a customer. Only those owners who use steel wheels, e.g., for winter driving, will be asked to make an appointment for an inspection.

Saab will mail recall notices to approximately 70,726 owners of 9-5 model vehicles beginning in March, 2003. Complete details of requirements and repairs will be provided to you mid-February.


Abe Buchbinder

Director, Quality & Service
Saab Cars USA, Inc.

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