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Date: 06/16/99

To: All Saab Dealers
Saab Service Manager
Saab Parts Manager

From: Abe Buchbinder

Code: 644

Reference: Diagnosing power steering complaints - 1999 9-3

When diagnosing a complaint of excessive noise, low power assist, leakage, or overheating of a 1999 9-3 power steering system, check the banjo bolt/check valve located in the pressure supply line where it attaches to the power steering rack. If the check valve in this banjo bolt becomes dislodged, it can partially block the flow of fluid through the system causing the above symptoms.

If upon inspecting the banjo bolt you find no check valve installed in the end, it will be found in the inlet port of the power steering rack. Use a small magnet to retrieve the displaced check valve from the power steering rack port.

A new improved banjo bolt/check valve is available from parts under part number 49 09 073. You will also need one of seal, P/N 50 57 724. Additionally, if only the power steering pump shaft seal is leaking, a seal kit is available under part number 46 49 745. This seal kit should be installed when the power steering pump shaft seal is leaking and no other damage has occurred to the pump. Please note that only synthetic power steering fluid part number 30 32 380 should be used in this system. Refer to SI number 644-1873 ed.2 for further information on this recommended power steering fluid.

Warranty information:
For inspection or replacement of the banjo bolt/check valve on vehicles in warranty, use failure code 64418/71/0/01/05 and straight time of 0.4. For overhaul of the power steering pump, normal warranty procedures apply.

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Thank you for your attention.

Abe Buchbinder
Director, Service & Parts
Saab Cars USA, Inc.

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