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2 x c900 Performance Brake lines
2 x Clear Little Fender Blinkers Factory Saab
1 x Viggen Titanium KeyChain
3 x Optical Cable Connector (Onstar Delete)
2 x Throttle Bend for T5 94-99
2 x T7 Injector Spacer Kit
2 x Open Air Intake 9-3 00-02 and Viggen (All T7)
1 x Catback 2.5in Exh 900/9-3 94-02 Round Tip
1 x 9-3 / 900 Uprated Suspension Bushings Inner
3 x Header Flange Stainless Blended Transition B2x4,B2x5
1 x 3 Point Hardware
1 x Header Flange 1/2in Blended Transition B2x4,B2x5
4 x Saab Windshield Shade
2 x Floormats BSR 9-3SS/SC
3 x IAT Weld Bung T5/Bosch
2 x Metal Steering Wheel Buttons
2 x T5 3.0 Bar Map Sensor Adaptor
2 x ShortShift Kit 93ss
3 x PPC - Upgrade from stage 1 to stage 3
2 x Ignition Coil 9-3SS 2.8t and 2.8T
1 x Weld Bungs -Taper- Race Only
4 x Injectors Green Giant 42lb (set 4)
1 x BSR PPC 9-3 SS/SC 2.0T 210hp XWD 09-
1 x Injectors Siemens 80lb 875cc (set 4)
1 x Steering Rod Bushings NG900/93
1 x Oil Cooler Adaptor B2X5
2 x Rivetnuts Pair (2pcs)
2 x Replacement filter V6 GS Carbon Intake
1 x Sparkplugs 9-3SS
2 x Fuel Regulator 3-5 Bar Adjustable T7 (SPECIAL APP)
3 x Exhaust Clamp Kit
3 x Shifter Mount Kit Cobalt/ HHR
2 x Remote Button NG900
1 x Universal / Special Request
1 x Floormats BSR 9-3 99-02 900 94-98
2 x Headlight Connector Repair Kit 9-3SS 9-5
1 x Viggen Muffler
3 x Locking Wheel Bolts Set
1 x Replacement V6 Coolant Cap
1 x Coreganizer
2 x BSR PPC 9-3 SS/SC TurboX and XWD 2.8T V6 280hp
1 x Moog Ball Joint
2 x AEM Wideband Gauge Kit
1 x Adaptor Harness Handsfree 01-
2 x BSR 9-5 2010-2011 V6 300Hp
1 x Front Camber Adjustment Bolts
2 x Replacement Hardware Pack 6-Point
1 x 9-3/NG900 Shift Knobs Leather
1 x JE Piston Rings 90.0mm 235/205
3 x Fuel Line Clip
2 x Mass Airflow Meter T7
1 x Crush Sleeve F35 F25
1 x 9-3 99-02,03 CV Antenna Adaptor
1 x Oil Cap GM "HHR"
2 x Oil Cap 9-3SS "Ghost"
1 x Rear Engine Mount 4cyl
1 x Intake Flange B2x4 T5
1 x Rear spring perches Adjustable NG900/9-3
1 x Injectors Siemens 60lb 630cc (set 4)
1 x 5d Rear Window repair kit 94-02 900/9-3/9-5
1 x BSR PPC 9-3 SS/SC 2.0T 210hp 2007-->
1 x B207 Upper Radiator Coolant T
1 x Steering Coupler 9-3 99-02
1 x Downpipe 2.8T FWD (2wd)
1 x Cat Back Exh for 9-5 99-03 w/cutout
1 x Balance Shaft Tensioner Delete
2 x Saab black Keychain
1 x Midpipe 2.8T FWD (2wd)
2 x ARP Exhaust Manifold Stud kit Stainless
2 x Headbolts (New Style)
1 x Downpipe Flange Assy. Stainless T25/Td04 to 3in
1 x 9000 Intercooler ETS
1 x Griffin logo Shifter Top
2 x Viggen Front Brake Disk Pair 308mm
1 x Head Bolt Washers
1 x Forge Turbo Bypass Valve 9-3SS 2.0t 175hp
2 x Midpipe 2.0T 07-11 FWD (2wd)
1 x Cat Back Exh Dual Exit for 9-3 SS/SC 2.8t
1 x InjectorDynamics 725cc For 2.8V6 (Set6)
1 x Shift Rod Bushings
1 x 9000 Shifter Bushing Repair Kit
2 x "Griffin" Valve stem caps
1 x 4340 Connecting Rods B204 B235
3 x Exhaust manifold Stud Kit
2 x Oil Cap 9-3SS V6 "Ghost"
1 x Injectors 175hp Stg3 (Set4)
1 x Shifter Mount Kit 93ss
1 x Aero Clutch Kit 9-5
1 x Turbo to Downpipe Flange B207
1 x Midpipe 2.8T XWD (4wd)
1 x BBS Center Cap for 9-2x RK small caps
1 x Cat Back Exh for 9000 CS, CSE AERO
1 x 9000 High Performance Brake Line Kit '95-'98
1 x Forge Bypass Valve Cobalt/HHR TC
1 x v6 2.8t SAI Delete Kit
1 x 3pt Subframe Brace for 9-3 SS 2003-> 2wd
2 x v6oilcoolplate
1 x Sport Transmission Mount 9-5 (Manual) 1998-1999
1 x Performance Brake Line Kit NG900 94-98 9-3 99-02
2 x 9-5 Aero Sill Protection
2 x Hood Emblem 9-5 All
2 x Fog light 9-5 Aero 04-05, 06-08 All Right
1 x Crank Vent Kit #6 T7 4cyl
1 x Short Shifter NG900/9-3 94-02/9-5 (Outright Kit)
2 x Mat Set Textile Shark Grey 9-5 10-
1 x Throttle Body T7
1 x Fog light Replacement Panels 99-01
2 x Headphones
1 x 9-5 Intercooler ETS
1 x Mat Set Textile Jet Black 9-5 10-
2 x Oil Cap 9-3SS V6 "Griffin"
1 x 9-3, 9-5 Front Brake Rotor / Disk (Code: AD)
2 x Storage Tray / Ashtray Kit 9-5 10-
1 x Spec Light Flywheel For 9-5 4cyl 99-09
1 x Flex Pipe 900 94-98 9-3 99-02
1 x Replacement Filter for Open air 9-3 T7
2 x 9-5 Wheel 10-Spoke 16in.
1 x T7 3.5 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator
1 x Mat Set Textile Parchment 9-5 10-
2 x Mat Set Black Rubber 9-5 10-