Oil Cap 9-3SS "Taliaferro"

Oil Cap 9-3SS \"Taliaferro\"
Directly replaces the original oil fill cap. Fully CNCd of aluminum in house. Shown Polished finish (polished and anodized are extra options depending on availability).

For all Ecotec 4cyl B207 2003-11 (short), 6cyl (tall)

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1 x Replacement Flywheel Insert NG900/9-3
1 x Shifter Top Ghost Logo
1 x Short Shifter NG900/9-3 94-02/9-5 (Outright Kit)
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2 x Direct Ignition T7 Black
1 x 9-5 Open Air Prefilter
1 x Cabin Vent Fan
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1 x 9-5 Blend Flap Repair 99-04
1 x Filter 9-5 Cabin Air
2 x Downpipe Hardware Kit
1 x Coolant Bypass Valve 9-5
1 x Headlight Bulb H7 Longer Life
1 x 9-5 Blend Flap Limit Lever 99-04
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2 x Crank Vent Kit #6 T7 4cyl
1 x 9-5 Exhaust Flex Pipe Stainless
1 x Oil Pressure Switch
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1 x BSR Optiflow Intake Volvo S60 I T5 2001-2004
1 x PPC 3 Volvo Diagnostic System
3 x PPC - Upgrade from stage 1 to stage 3
1 x Replacement Hardware Pack 6-Point
1 x Rear Camber Shims Kit 6pcs
1 x Front Camber Adjustment Bolts
1 x Viggen Titanium KeyChain
1 x Exhaust manifold Stud Kit
2 x Shifter Alignment Pins (Set 2)
1 x Catback 2.5in Exh 900/9-3 94-02 Round Tip
2 x Catback 2.5in Exh 9-3 99-02 Wide Oval Tip (NOT VIG)
1 x T7 3.5 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator
1 x Metal Steering Wheel Buttons
1 x BSR PPC 9-3 SS/SC TurboX and XWD 2.8T V6 280hp
2 x Cobalt SS/TC 315mm Sport Rotors Pair
2 x Clear Little Fender Blinkers Factory Saab
2 x Oil Cap 9-3SS "Ghost"
3 x T5 3.0 Bar Map Sensor Adaptor
2 x K&N Filter Service Kit
2 x Injectors Siemens 60lb 630cc (set 4)
2 x AEM Wideband Gauge Kit
3 x Oil Cap GM "HHR"
1 x Fuel Pressure Regulator 4.0 bar
1 x Crush Sleeve F35 F25
1 x Injectors Green Giant 42lb (set 4)
1 x ATF Saab 3309 (Automatic 02->)
1 x Forge Bypass Valve Cobalt/HHR TC
1 x Fuel Regulator 3-5 Bar Adjustable T7 (SPECIAL APP)
1 x Rivetnuts Pair (2pcs)
1 x Head Bolt Washers
1 x Intake Flange B2x4 T5
1 x c900 Performance Brake lines
1 x Cobalt SS/TC Rear Sport Rotors Pair
1 x Map/MAT sensor weld bung
1 x MTF0063 Manual Gear oil
1 x IAT Weld Bung T5/Bosch
1 x Oil Cap 9-3SS V6 "Griffin"
1 x Injectors Siemens 80lb 875cc (set 4)
1 x Short Shifter HHR Cobalt F35 F40
1 x Shifter Mount Kit Cobalt/ HHR
1 x Downpipe Flange Assy. Stainless T25/Td04 to 3in
1 x Oil Cap 9-3SS V6 "Ghost"
1 x 9-3 / 900 Uprated Suspension Bushings Inner
1 x Header Flange 1/2in Blended Transition B2x4,B2x5
1 x B207 Upper Radiator Coolant T
1 x Rear spring perches Adjustable NG900/9-3
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