BSR Optiflow Intake 4cyl

BSR Optiflow Intake 4cyl
Back in stock!BSR Optiflow Intake 4cyl Without SAI (You can determine if you have air injection by looking for the presence of a small 1.5in hose off the front of the airbox

The BSR Opti Flow Filter kit consists of an open air filter and a custom-made shield, including all installation parts.

The advantages of the Opti Flow filter are:
- The Sports Filter with low air resistance, gives quicker throttle response
- Ensures supply of cold and oxygen rich air
- Sporty intake sound, especially noticeable during acceleration (can be heard inside vehicle)
- Sporty engine compartment
- Washable filter components (cotton fabric)

The shield plate is made from stainless steel and Powder-Coated black. It is imperative that you do not over tighten the filter during installation as it will cause the filter to tear.

Install Document .pdf
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