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Rear Anti-Roll (anti Sway) Bar NG900 / 9-3

Rear Anti-Roll (anti Sway) Bar NG900 / 9-3
One of the easiest ways to enhance the handling of your New Generation 900 or Classic 9-3 (1994 >2002 + 03 CV) is to upgrade the rear anti-roll bar to a stiffer model. This will reduce body roll when cornering. This also helps to eliminate understeer when driving aggressively. The reduced body roll will also add stability under acceleration when traction is lost on one front tire. (This is commonly misdiagnosed as "torque steer".) 22mm standard diameter is great for street cars. Custom sizes to suit very special competition applications can be accomodated in a range from 19-25mm. Contact for details. Special steel, powdercoat and grade 8 hardware for lasting performance. 1in race bars only available in Chrome Silver due to very limited proper applications.

For More info about sizing of the sway bars read this ARTICLE Nick Taliaferro wrote.

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1 x 9-3 / 900 Uprated Front ARB Bushings
1 x V6 Tank Float - SparePart
1 x Filter 9-5 Cabin Air
2 x Front Camber Adjustment Bolts
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